The Language Department offers courses that are open to everyone (students, teachers, researchers, university staff) for the following languages: (Please note, that as a university specialised in sciences, no language diploma is issued by the University of Paris-Sud).


French as a Foreign Language

Diploma in French as a Foreign Language (DU de FLE)











English is part of the general programme of all scientific courses and taught at all levels of the LMD system.

Some scientific courses allow students to choose a different language other than English as their compulsory language or as an option (languages on offer: German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese). It is not possible, however, to start a language as a beginner in the 2nd Semester.

Students are requested to come and take a placement test at the beginning of every academic year to assess their level.

Important information for languages OTHER THAN ENGLISH and French as a Foreign Language


All language classes will now take place on both campuses: the Vallée Campus (Building 336) and the Plateau Campus (Language Centre, Building Gustave Eiffel / CentraleSupelec, Plateau du Moulon).

The dates/times/location of classes for all languages (other than English) can be downloaded here (subjet to change depending on the number of students enrolled).

After enrolling with your scientific pedagogical secretary, you must then sign up with the Language Department to finalise your enrollment on a language course and take a placement test.

To do this, please fill in a line in the following table:

Once you have filled in the Google Doc, you will be contacted from September 14th with information on how to take the placement test so that you can be assigned a group which corresponds to your level.

Lessons start in the week of September 24th.

Every effort will be made to satsify your request, but in case there are not enough students enrolled in the course of your choice, we advise you to have a second choice.


Continuing in-house training - Formation continue




French as a foreign language



Employees from companies, unemployed people, private individuals and university staff must contact the Service de la formation continue

Sophie Vacher: (sophie.vacher @  01 69 15 36 81
UFR Sciences - Service de la Formation Continue – Building 490

Rue Hector Berlioz – 91405 Orsay Cedex.


The Language Department works in collaboration with Polytech'Paris-Sud, providing lessons for engineering students.
The languages taught in both the Cycle Préparatoire and Cycle Ingénieur are English (as an obligatory first language) and German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Russian (as an option).
For more information, please go to the Polytech'Paris-Sud website.