French as a foreign language

Academic Year 2018-2019

All FLE classes are held in our new Language Centre located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the new CentraleSupelec building (Bâtiment Eiffel – 8-10 rue Joliot Curie, Gif-sur-Yvette).,2.16754,16z?hl=fr

Bus line 7  Get off at the bus stop: “Paris-Saclay”.

Bus line 9 or 9106B Get off at the bus stop: “Moulon”.

Bus line 11 Bus stop: Centralesupelec (contact-fle.langues @

FLE Office

Office: LC 353 (3rd floor)

Centre de Langues Mutualisé

Ecole CentraleSupélec

Bâtiment Eiffel

8-10 rue Joliot-Curie

91190 Gif-sur-Yvette


Monday: 9:20-12:10     13:50-18:30

Tuesday: 9:20-12:30      14:00-18:30

Wednesday: (closed to the public in the morning) 14:00-18h30

Thursday 9:30-12-30     13:30-18:10

Friday 9:30-12-10   14:00-16:00

Telephone : 01 75 31 69 24

siimab.sheikh @



 Weekly FLE classes (FLE PLURIEL / FLE PL: open to all students)

This course is open to:

- International students registered on a Bachelor's or a Master’s course: L1/L2/L3/M1/M2 (subject to availability).

Students who choose to do the UE FLE as an option for their Bachelor's or Master's degree will be given priority for registration. They must ask the secretary of their Bachelor's/Master's course for a FICHE DE CIRCULATION LANGUES and bring it to the FLE office before January 18th2019.

- PHD students 

- Postdoctoral researcher at Paris-Sud, employees: (subject to availability)

Classes will be held in the Language Centre of the Building Eiffel (Campus CentraleSupelec) Gif-sur-Yvette.

Students who register for FLE classes must commit to attending all 12 classes per semester.

  • Timetable for Semester 2: FLE Pluriel 2

25 hours - 2 hours a week – from 28th January 2019 to 10th May 2019.

Classes will take place from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, one day a week, from January 28th to May 10th 2019.

The exact day of the week will be confirmed after the placement test in January.


Continuous assessment (presence is obligatory at all classes).


PRELIMINARY REGISTRATION for Semester 2 2018/2019 

Complete this google form for pre-registration as soon as possible and come to the office to confirm your registration in January.


Paris-Sud students:

Students enrolled at Paris-Sud: UE FLE as an obligatory Bachelor's or Master's option (ECTS): €0

If you have chosen to do the UE FLE as an option for your Bachelor's or Master's degree, you will need to ask the secretary of your Licence/Master's course for a FICHE DE CIRCULATION LANGUES and bring it to the FLE office before September 15th.

Students enrolled at Paris-Sud: UE FLE not an integral part of the Bachelor's or Master's programme: €50

ERASMUS students: UE FLE 1st Semester: €0 - 2nd Semseter: UE FLE: €50

PHD students at Paris-Sud: UE FLE 1st Semester: €0 - 2nd Semester: UE FLE: €50

PHD Students not from Paris-Sud: Tarif Formation continue

Paris-Saclay students not from Paris-Sud: UE FLE: €50 + university registration fees for Paris-Sud

Other cases: (Postdoctoral researchers, employees, external candidates…): Tarif "Formation Continue".


4. Diplôme d'université de FLE (DU de FLE)

For information in French:

For information in English:



  • From the Orsay Campus

Line 7

Orsay Campus: “RER Orsay” / “Château” / “Launay” Direction “Corbeville – Plateau du Moulon”

Get off at the bus stop: “Université Paris-Saclay”

Timetable :

  • From RER B Le Guichet →  Direction “Gare de Jouy-en-Josas”

Line 9

Get off at the bus stop: “Moulon”

  • From RER B / RER C Massy-Palaiseau → Direction “St Quentin-en-Yvelines”

Bus express 91.06 B (Albatrans)

Get off at the bus stop: “Moulon”

  •       From Gif RER B station

Line 11 Bus stop Centralesupelec