The new Language Centre for the Université Paris-Saclay was inaugurated on March 7th 2018.


NEW! FREE online conversation sessions with native speakers!

The Langues et Interculturalité workgroup of the University Paris-Saclay has teamed up with the online platform "SpeakShake" to help students improve their oral expression in a foreign language. This online conversation platform is free for all students enrolled at the University Paris-Saclay.

SpeakShake ( organises linguistic exchanges by linking two language learners online who speak two different native languages. Endorsed by and in partnership with the Institut Français, this online tool puts two people together who want to learn the language of the other person by offering conversation subjects and online tools to encourage oral interaction.

Each online conversation session lasts 30 minutes (15 minutes in each language) on cultural and topical subjects proposed by the platform. The two speakers choose their subject from a large selection and each theme is structured with photos, questions and key-words to encourage conversation and elicit specific vocabulary learning.

Weekly conversation exchanges are organised on the Speakshake platform in English, Chinese and Spanish.

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